Friday, July 29, 2011

Loneliness :)


Hari ni.. aku nak ber-speaking sikit.. hihihi.. saje je.. okay.. jom start.. tapi ini macam puisi la.. enjoy your reading!

Lately this loneliness is talking
Invitation of a million loneliness
you draw the verses of the senses
stained by the cries of the heart's instinct
the content of the world could not understand
the nostalgia that is scratching the loneliness
laments of a barren heart

Lonely in the moonlight hidden by the clouds
lonely on a night without stars
lonely in a song without rythm
lonely in the wait that has no one arriving
lonely in all the questions without answers
lonely in everything that is lonely

Loneliness greets
without voice and talk
lonely in everything
laments of the soul of a loner
against the storm of life
disturbing the pools and lakes of the heart
which contaiued to stir and stir
to be approved by anyone
anyone who is capable of understanding

From: -Muhd Fadlin-

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