Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Long, Yeah.

My last post was on July 2013. Wow so long. Anyway i'm currently facing my final year exam and just few papers more until it ends. Too busy with so many things till we don't realize that 2014 is just around the corner. About two months more and we'll meet 2014. This is so unbelievable. But it's good too, so next year i'll never be in the same class with the most fake guy who always wearing his mask all the time. I just hate fake people, even i'm a fake person but i know when i should stop being fake. Nah it's like you can be fake sometimes just to save yourself or play safe or trying to make someone's nose clean. But, not ALL the time. 

This is... err.. a post. A post that i found at azwan's wordpress. I like to read some posts on his wordpress but lately he stops posting and idk why;

We’ve made a lot of friends over the years,
lost many,
had many,
made some real friends,
had some fake ones,
and lost some friends
These are usually the friends that hurt the most, but you just don’t realize it.
You stop talking,
stop hanging out,
someone moves,
someone goes to a different school,
you both make new friends,
but you never stop to think until later,
your new friends replaced the old ones.

Sounds wise isn't it? Nah it's absolutely wise. So think about it.

Anyway I guess a month ago I took part in Program Pembinaan Bakat Tunas Remaja Peringkat Kebangsaan 2013 which had been held at Golden Straits Villas, Port Dickson. It was kinda boring at first because i'm the most demure and taciturn entrant there. Hahaha it was really funny how my apartment mates make jokes of me, then we laugh and laugh and laugh without we realize it's 3 am already and we can't sleep and that was the last night we were there and and on that night i started to show my own temperament. Lol.  It's nice to have some friends from different country such as Sabah and Pahang and Selangor :) but actually i hope i'll go for the next round which is called as Minggu Penulis Remaja even i haven't finish my cerpen on that time lol.

till we meet again, bye.