Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Post for 2013.

Assalamualaikum. Heya. As you see the title, this is my first post for 2013. and i know it's too late, but anyway happy new year guys! So, there are a lot of stories that i wanna tell but yet, i don't know where to start so yeah, i'm not going to share them here. 

So far, school is great. Yeah, now i know really how my seniors feel when we need to face all the unprecedented stress regarding high school lol. Upper form life is sucks. You wanna know why? With all the homework, friends and subjects. Garh. I'm starting to feel tired with all this shit. But sokay, it is too early to feel tired. 

As you can see, i'm trying to write this entry in English, because i'm trying to improve my English. Okay, so now, hm. Oh ya, about the giveaway thingy that i've joined before, i have no luck for that. Nevermind, maybe my luck will come soon. Okay, becomes an upper former student is totally not as what i expected before. I really thought it will be the same as lower form. Frankly, i'm wrong. 

So this year i suppose to take 10 subjects, but i'm too late to apply for the Account subject. So, i'm taking pure science course with 9 subjects terrace. There are; Bahasa Melayu, English, History, Pendidikan Agama Islam, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics. And of course i've already got my text books. Damn. I received 25 text books. Crazy isn't it? Lol.

So in Form 4, i'm learning Additional Mathematics which is a really picky subject. But luckily i have sporting and clever classmates (y) and yet, i have to end this entry because need to do tons of homeworks. Kbye.