Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 4#10 i want to say to one person

Hola, i got a lot of time here to update my blog. so, i still not complete the 10 Things Challenge.
and now, im gonna continue the challenge. so, let's start it.
read the title. start.

  1. i love you sooo much!
  2. i miss you :)
  3. boleh tak awak jangan pergi lagi?
  4. kalau awak hormat orang, orang akan hormat awak :)
  5. assalamualaikum.
  6. jom karaoke :D
  7. dah habis kredit lahh.
  8. i love your hair, it's nice :)
  9. senyuman awak manis sangat, kalah gula gula kapas!
  10. i love the way you are <3 

HAHA. there is some funny thng there.
But, do i care? Just read and do whatever you want,
but be nice okay :)
Status: Bad mood >:(

From: -Muhd Fadlin- 

1 comment:

ainalokman said...

kau nak tujukan kat siapa neh ? HAHAA.