Friday, April 01, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. today we not celebrate APRIL FOOL okay !.. we, 2 Hishamudin celebrate my best friend's birthday. Nursyaza Aqila.. 

but, what make me sad is.. she cry on her birthday.. you cannot be like this girl.. you must happy and enjoy on your birthday... but.. i know something about her in school.. she bring her handphone !!

never mind lah.. but i love the chocolate cake that i ate in the class ... so yummy !!

hehehehehehehe... it is a happy day at SCHOOL ..

but at HOME..

i'm feel so sad !! waterpark !! so private story.. i can't tell to ur all.. okay lah.. i think that's all that i want to talk.. see u next time yeah !!

From: -Muhd Fadlin-

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