Monday, June 25, 2012

I Hate Headache.

Assalamualaikum and Hye.
Just a random post about today. Okay, as usual in the morning, ada perhimpunan semua, aku jaga blok tak dengar apa apa. Then habis perhimpunan, ada pulak sesat ceramah gigi, after ceramah gigi tak belajar sampai balik. Belajar Sejarah je pun. Petang, ada sukantara like hell duduk bawah pokok tengok orang lari, lontar peluru, rejam lembing etc.. PANAS AND PENAT!

You know what, I must face a lot of problems lately. I got a damn headache. I make my folio together with my headache. And I just done with my folio. Now, I must do my PEKA and karangan. Someone, help me. I need someone to hug. Haih, never mind, I know nobody will be there. I know everything. I know everything. I know everything. No, I do not know. Haih, how can I continue to do my homework if my condition like this? Sorry because I just feel shy to express what I feel to my best friend. I know they are there. But, honestly I am not that type of person who love to share everything with you guys. If you wanna angry with me, just do it. Then this blog jadi mangsa.

Okay, I got to go. Btw, search at youtube, "U-kiss Somebody english subtitle". Hear and read the lyrics too. It is a korean song, but the translation in English just give me a lot of spirits. Lol. Sorry for the broken english. 

Just a short note for headache, thank you because always 'help' me whenever I am in trouble.

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