Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Try to speaking !!

Today i trying to speak in english... actually i feel jealous because of all my friends in 2 hishamudin can speak in english better than me.. so JEALOUS !! 

But i'm feel  a little sad because tomorrow my friend, Rasmeera not at school bcause she is going to Petrosains [maybe.. ??]..  maybe i will not feel happy too much like a day with her.. she is my best friend.. not only her ... wani, ras, amir, syaza n someone is my bff!! 

All my bff good speaking in english.. [JEALOUS is coming !!] come on fadlin ... don't always feel jealous , sad n other negative feeling.. i know.. you is happy go lucky boy !! hahahaha XD you always think yourself better than others ... hmm... i think nothing much to say.. see u all next time !! bye bye !! hehehehe,.. always happy ok.. and remember DON'T ALWAYS FEEL JEALOUS !!

Sorry yer kalau ayat english aku tunggang langgang.. hahahahaha... 

From: -Muhd Fadlin-


Nur Jannah said...

waalaikumussalam warahmatullah... :) fadlin.. I feels sad too.. just like wani.. :( dont worry ... on thursday we'll meet again .. :) btw.. Your english is getting better mannnn...:)
Good trying... :D keep it up.. :)

Muhd Fadlin Firdaus Chan said...

yeah ! insya allah will meet on thursday... my english getting better ?? wow !! thanks for that !