Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank You !!

Assalamualaikum.. just a short post.. this post is pecial for Rasmeera n Aisyah Amirah... thanks coz you all want to make over my blog... just that.. you all is hardworking women !! hahahaha.. [ ur nose expand ??]

p/s: sorry english aku bad... 
From: -Muhd Fadlin-


Nur Jannah said...

Welcome Fadlin... our nose expand? huh? not at all..... muehehehehehe... once for a while, but when i saw this [ur nose expand] my temperature getting increase until... mmm 100 degree celcius.. haha,... btw thanks... ^^

Muhd Fadlin Firdaus Chan said...

in reality, ur nose is really2 expand right ?? hahahahah.. i hope ur temperature will be 100000000000 degree celcius... hahahaha.. welcome !