Tuesday, September 06, 2016

When you prioritize others

Well for sure, this one gonna be another emotional post from lost-souled man. I'm not ask for more, just why did people change? I didn't ask for it and perhaps, so do you. How can you just forget all the memories we had, while those things you did with others are still fresh in your mind. Is it fair? when i'm the one who prioritize you. and you do know that. and even i TOLD YOU AND YOU KNOW IT TOOK GUTS TO DO THAT. why..

we were so close. so close till we still can go walk for hours without talking, and feels no awkward at all. and no gap. and everything was just fine. i have to admit i miss those. the old you. the old us. i know, for now, i can do nothing and i can't change anything. you seem so comfort with another person, and i can't stop that, right? because who am i.. to grab your attention and make it all mine. while you gained all from mine. i tried not to think about this, like every single day.  but no, being me is just, so complicated.

please remember that i was the one who you relied on, who you tell ALL your stories, the one who you will search for when you need something, the one who you will laugh with when you read our conversaition, the one who you really cared once... this is tough, just tough. i can't. because i'm still there, at those times when everything's fine. PLS DO REALISE ALL THOSE MEMORIES AND THINGS WE DID,  MY TRULY WISH. and you seem prioritize others rather than me. well that hurts but what can i do then? i can't...

bring back the old me. bring back the memories. bring back the time... i wish


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