Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tremor on me


I tried to escape from everything. Well still there's a tiny line between escape and run. I didn't run, i just, try to escape. I drag myself into thing i've never done before like exercising (dafaq?), stick to my phone, play online games, and express everything on social media. Once i've been said as social awkward guy, like i'm different, i don't know how to mix around and blend in with people. in fact, i can't stand in a really crowded full of scream environment. plus, i really sucks in making conversation or keep the conversation going so that's why i didn't feel weird when someone says 'you're boring' because ya i feel the same exact way. I don't know how to change me but being me is like i guess could be a disaster to anyone.. even i felt that often.

Days by days i slowly could think that maybe i should stop overthink everything and just go with the flow. if people really want to stay, they will. If don't then that's it, you're lonely. Maybe it was me, i trust people too much till i broke and no one's ever willing to lend a hand. well that's fine by me because looking back and seeing the journey of my life, phew, i'm so used to it. But ya, everyone's have their own past.. just never bring it up to win over arguments or discussion. It's an embarrassment. Whatever it is, i'm always here, if you need someone to lend a hand, text me. If you need a shoulder to cry on, call me, bro. Have a nice day amigo!

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